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Meet Your Dealers

Sean K

Sean's Schedule
Ash Taproom Thu Jul 19, 07:00PM
Savoy Tue Jul 24, 07:00PM
Ash Taproom Thu Jul 26, 07:00PM
Savoy Tue Jul 31, 07:00PM
I'm originally from Upstate, NY. I moved to FL in 2006. Moving here was difficult with not knowing anyone. In 2012, I found a poker league playing at Wyldes Bar and figured it was a good way to meet some new people, while learning more about poker. I started playing regularly at that time and going to all venues to support the owner of the league as well as the business'. I have met many wonderful people playing with 4 Aces and became a dealer in 2017. In May 2018, I got my first venue. I am very pleased with the way the league is headed and enjoy chatting with each and every player.

Sam V

Sam's Schedule
Ash Taproom Sun Jul 22, 06:00PM
Ash Taproom Sun Jul 29, 06:00PM

Sai T

Sai 's Schedule
The Venue Fri Jul 20, 05:15PM
Parliament House Sat Jul 21, 02:00PM
The Venue Wed Jul 25, 05:15PM
The Venue Fri Jul 27, 05:15PM
Parliament House Sat Jul 28, 02:00PM
The Venue Wed Aug 01, 05:15PM
I lived here for 6 years and am the new manager for 4 Aces Poker League. I try to talk to everyone and try to help as much as I can. My boyfriend is James Hold the owner of the league and I try to be up to handle any issues or problems that are needed to be handled so hope to work with everyone and try to have a good time playing poker and all the other games we do. Meow meow >^v^<.

Ryan H

Ryan's Schedule
Johnnys Fillin Station Thu Jul 19, 05:15PM
Ash Taproom Tue Jul 24, 06:00PM
Johnnys Fillin Station Thu Jul 26, 05:15PM
Ash Taproom Tue Jul 31, 06:00PM

Jason C

Jason's Schedule
Johnnys Fillin Station Fri Jul 20, 07:00PM
Savoy Sat Jul 21, 04:15PM
Savoy Wed Jul 25, 07:00PM
Johnnys Fillin Station Fri Jul 27, 07:00PM
I grew up in Providence Rhode Island and moved to Orlando in 1998. I have been part of this league since the day it started several years ago. I work full time at Solar Dental Lab which I co own. When I am not working any event's I enjoy spending time with friends family and my 2 dogs.

James H

James's Schedule I grew up in Washington DC, left home at 15 and went to a high school 12 hours away in Calhoun, GA, spent a lot of time in Atlanta, went to college in Collegedale, TN, then moved to Florida in August 2000. I started playing poker in January of 2011, got to know a lot of people and always had a good time. In June of 2011 Hee-Haw Poker League was started and I was hired as a dealer. In December 2011 Rebecca and I bought the company from the original owners. I like poker because it is a great community builder, an amazing way to make friends, and generally just a lot of fun.

Charles C

Charles's Schedule
St. Matts Tavern Sat Jul 21, 06:30PM
St. Matts Tavern Sat Jul 28, 06:30PM

Bill H

Bill's Schedule
Ember Sun Jul 22, 04:00PM
St. Matts Tavern Mon Jul 23, 08:00PM
Ember Sun Jul 29, 04:00PM
St. Matts Tavern Mon Jul 30, 08:00PM
I want to thank you for visiting our dealers page.I want to challenge you to come and play with us and win various prizes. I wish you the best of luck! Once again Thank you! Will.

Anthony A

Anthony's Schedule
Bloodhound Brew Thu Jul 19, 08:00PM
Bloodhound Brew Thu Jul 26, 08:00PM

Meet Your Backup Dealers

Tommy C

Tommy 's Schedule

Steve F

Steve's Schedule

Ritchie H

Ritchie's Schedule

Peter D

Peter's Schedule

Monty H

Monty's Schedule

Jerry B

Jerry's Schedule Well started playing poker a few yrs ago and since then I have met some of the most amazing people.Started dealing for 4 aces as a backup dealer and its lots of fun. Me and my wife moved here back in 2001 and we are grateful the acceptance 4 aces have showed us

Henry P

Henry's Schedule

Dakota F

Dakota's Schedule

Cali C

Cali's Schedule

Brian D

Brian's Schedule

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