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Player Code of Conduct
Last update: June 2015

In order to ensure that all players have an enjoyable time at our events, we ask that you please follow these basic guidelines. They amount to common courtesy and fairness in play.

  1. PLEASE TIP YOUR DEALER at the beginning of each game, and again after break time if you are still in the game. Dealers work on tips. Think about it: If you buy a drink, you probably tip the bartender at least $1.00 or $2.00 for the minute it took him to make your drink. Your dealer gives you many minutes' worth of attention over the course of a game, so please tip accordingly. (Even though tipping your dealer is not a legal requirement, it is courteous to do so.)
      We all like to have a good time. You are welcome to eat, drink, and be crazy, so long as you are not blatantly offensive to other players.
      Please do not make comments that are religious, political, or controversial in nature. If such a topic does come up, and you disagree with the belief of others at the table, please keep your thoughts to yourself.
      Negative comments relating to race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, mental or physical disabilities, etc. will not be tolerated.
      Any threat, express or implied, towards another player will result in immediate removal from the table and possible suspension/banning from the league.
      Directly insulting another player in a way that is intended to hurt their feelings will not be tolerated.
      WE ENCOURAGE: Complimenting other players, supportive and appreciative remarks, patience with others, and looking out for each other.
  3. While some of our events are more laid-back then others, we ask that you be well-groomed (showered, hair-combed, presentable clothes, no offensive odors etc.) before sitting down at a table. This applies to all events. If you go to the bathroom, please wash your hands before returning to the table.
  4. Please keep your area organized in a way that is conducive to efficient and fair play;
      Your chip stacks should be as close to the edge of the table as possible, and visible to all players.
      Your cards should be kept on the table at all times, clearly visible, and as close as possible to your chips. It is ok to pick them up to look at them for a second, but if they are not on the table when the action comes to you, the dealer may skip you.
      Any chips destined for the pot should be between your cards and the center of the table, as near to your cards as possible. Never push your chips to the center of the table. That is the dealer's job.
      If you have the dealer button, it should be clearly visible to everyone, not on top of your cards, in your hands, or in your chips.
      Your hands should never be on the table in a way that prevents the dealer from seeing your chips or cards.
      If you are out of the game, you may continue to sit at the table, but you may not have anything (chips, cards, buttons, etc.) on the table in front of you.
  5. The dealer button should only be moved by the dealer. Players moving the button can create confusion as to blind levels and the order in which cards are dealt.
  6. If you show your card(s) to one person, you must show everyone.
  7. Discussing the board while a hand is still in action is not allowed. (For example, if you attract attention to the fact that there are 3 hearts on the table, it could cause a player who had not noticed this to stay in when they would have folded.)
  8. Do not act out of turn. When you act out of turn it may cause other players to alter their bets vs. if you had waited your turn. This is a form of cheating.
  9. No string betting. If you do not verbalize the amount of your bet, then whatever chips you wish to bet must be moved forward in one single motion.
  10. Check clearly. It is best to verbally say "check" if you wish to check. If you prefer to use a hand motion, please make it obvious. Conversely, if you tap your finger(s) on the table the dealer will assume you checked and move action to the next player. At that point, it is too late for you to bet, so please be clear in your intentions.
  11. One player per hand. No one else can play your cards for you. You may only consult with someone else if all players at the table unanimously agree to make an exception. (Exceptions are not allowed during tournament play for any reason.)
  12. TIME
      Time can be declared when a player is taking too long to act.
      Time can only be called by an active player (not by the dealer).
      Time can not be called unless a player has taken more than 2 minutes to act.
      Once time is called, the player has one minute to act, or their cards will be folded and they forfeit any chips in the pot.
      While this policy is pretty liberal, we ask that you pay attention and be ready to make a decision when it is your turn. Continually taking a long time to make a decision degrades the experience for everyone. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT YOUR TURN TO LOOK AT YOUR CARDS. Pay attention to the game and know what you are going to do when the action comes to you. Holding up the game because you are not paying attention is extremely rude, and may result in the dealer forfeiting all of your chips.
      Restaurants, bars, and other venues let us use their property to have a good time. In turn, we all have an obligation to support their business.
      In a bar setting, please be sure to purchase a few beverages (non-alcoholic options are usually available on request), and tip your bartender. Please do not bring outside beverages into a bar.
      In a restaurant setting, please consider eating at the restaurant rather than eating beforehand, and tip your server, of course. Please do not bring outside food into an establishment that serves food without prior permission. (We usually arrange to provide free food during our monthly tournaments, as an example, but that is generally the only exception and it is made with the establishment's prior approval.) If you have a question about this policy please send us a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for helping to make our events enjoyable for everyone. Players who continually violate our rules of conduct after verbal warnings may be temporarily suspended, and in extreme cases banned, from our league. This is necessary to ensure the best possible experience for everyone.

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