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Awesome Points are like currency. You receive them for being awesome, and you can log in to the site and spend them on extra prizes or on extra chips bonuses. Being awesome entails the following...

Being On Time 35 AWP You will receive 35 Awesome Points whenever you sign in before the posted start time for an event. This amount can be exponentially higher for events with AWP bonuses. For example, if the calendar shows AWP BONUS X3 for a particular event you would get 3 times this amount, or 105 AWP for being on-time.
Completing Post-Event Feedback 25 AWP You will receive 25 Awesome Points when you complete a quick feedback form. Similar to rating your driver when you after you take an uber, you will rate your dealer and you will rate the venue. To do this, simply log in to the site and click "Feedback." You can rate any events you have attended in the last two weeks.
Uploading a Picture of Your Receipt 100 AWP You will receive 100 Awesome Points when you take a picture of your receipt using your smartphone. This is done in tandem with submitting feedback. Even if you pay in cash, most venues will let you start a tab and pay with cash at the end in order to get a receipt. This helps us immensely so we can show our venues our players are spending money and negotiate better prizes for you.
Playing 25 Games with 4 Aces 1,000 AWP You will receive 1,000 Awesome Points once you have played your 25th game with 4 Aces. This is a one-time bonus.
Winning Variable You will receive 3 Awesome Points for every player at the table. For example, winning a table of 8 players will get you 24 AWP. A table of 10 players with 3 alternates would be 39 AWP. There is no AWP award for second place, only 1st place will receive AWP for winning. (Second place will still get 2 Tournament points, however, which are good for an extra 200 chips in the monthly tournament.) Whatever amount you would earn here, it is additionally multiplied by the AWP multiple. So if a particular event says "AWP X3" on the calendar, you would get 'triple X triple' the number of Awesome points (It's a lot).

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