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Meet Your Dealers

James Hold
James's Schedule
Ash Taproom Sun Dec 17, 06:00PM
Ash Taproom Tue Dec 19, 06:00PM
Ash Taproom Tue Dec 26, 06:00PM
Ash Taproom Sun Dec 31, 06:00PM
I grew up in Washington DC, left home at 15 and went to a high school 12 hours away in Calhoun, GA, spent a lot of time in Atlanta, went to college in Collegedale, TN, then moved to Florida in August 2000. I started playing poker in January of 2011, got to know a lot of people and always had a good time. In June of 2011 Hee-Haw Poker League was started and I was hired as a dealer. In December 2011 Rebecca and I bought the company from the original owners. I like poker because it is a great community builder, an amazing way to make friends, and generally just a lot of fun.

Jason Chrystie
Jason's Schedule
Savoy Wed Dec 20, 07:00PM
Johnnys Fillin Station Fri Dec 22, 07:00PM
Savoy Wed Dec 27, 07:00PM
Johnnys Fillin Station Fri Dec 29, 07:00PM
I grew up in Providence Rhode Island and moved to Orlando in 1998. I have been part of this league since the day it started several years ago. I work full time at Solar Dental Lab which I co own. When I am not working any event's I enjoy spending time with friends family and my 2 dogs.

Sai Tanghal
Sai 's Schedule
The Venue Fri Dec 22, 05:15PM
Parliament House Sat Dec 23, 02:00PM
The Venue Fri Dec 29, 05:15PM
Parliament House Sat Dec 30, 02:00PM
I lived here for 6 years and the new manager for 4aacespokerleague I try to talk to everyone and try to help as much as I can. My boyfriend is James Hold the owner of the league and I try to be up to handle any issues or problems that are needed to be handled so hope to work with everyone and try to have a good time playing poker and all the other games we do. Meow meow >^v^<.

Bill Hamner
Bill's Schedule
Ember Sun Dec 17, 04:00PM
St. Matts Tavern Mon Dec 18, 08:00PM
Johnnys Fillin Station Thu Dec 21, 07:00PM
St. Matts Tavern Sat Dec 23, 08:00PM
Ember Sun Dec 24, 04:00PM
Johnnys Fillin Station Thu Dec 28, 07:00PM
St. Matts Tavern Sat Dec 30, 08:00PM
Ember Sun Dec 31, 04:00PM
I want to thank you for visiting our dealers page.I want to challenge you to come and play with us and win various prizes. I wish you the best of luck! Once again Thank you! Will.

Brian DeLawder
Brian's Schedule

Charles Campbell
Charles's Schedule

Monty Haight
Monty's Schedule

Ritchie Hutson
Ritchie's Schedule

Scott Shaner
Scott's Schedule

Sean King
Sean's Schedule

Steve Frazier
Steve's Schedule
St. Matts Tavern Thu Dec 21, 08:00PM
St. Matts Tavern Thu Dec 28, 08:00PM

Will Campbell
Will's Schedule

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