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Latest News
Johnnys June 1st
The poker event at Johnnys Friday June 1st is cancelled due to a special event

June tournament
The June tournament will be held on June the 16th at our newest venue Bloodhound Brew. Sign in will begin at 4 PM. Hope to see you all there!!

AWP Bonuses
Please remember to check the calendar periodically if you want to earn extra awesome points, which are good for VIP status and other prizes. Some events have a multiplier. Just look for a green box on the calendar that says "Bonus AWP."

Weekly Events by Venue
See calendar for events by day
Ember - 42 W. Central Blvd
Sundays 4:00pm - 8:00pm
   Free drink card for the winner of every table.
Savoy - 1913 N. Orange Ave
Wednesdays 7:00pm - 11:00pm
   Wine/Liquor bottles
St. Matthew's Tavern
1300 N. Mills Ave
Mondays 8:00pm - midnight
Saturdays 8:00 - midnight
   Free drink or shot for the winner of every table
Pulse - 1912 S. Orange Ave
Wednesdays 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Fridays 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Donations and support:
Parliament House
410 N. Orange Blossom Trail
Saturdays 2:00pm - 6:00pm
   Bar tabs ranging from $10 to $35
Johnny's Fillin Station
2631 S Fern Creek Ave
Fridays 7:00pm - 11:00pm
Thursdays 6:00pm - 10:00pm
   Two bar tabs, a bottle, and a round of shots for poker players!
The Venue
511 Virginia Drive
Wednesdays 5:15pm - 8:00pm (Beginning January 10)
Fridays 5:00pm - 8:00pm
-- Gift cards, bottles, points, and fun
Ash Taproom
3595 S. Orange Ave
Sundays 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Tuesdays 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Thursdays 7:00pm - 11:00pm
$25-$50 in bar tabs
Bloodhound Brew
5801 Conroy Rd
Thursdays 8:00pm - midnight
Super deals just for poker players.
$20 tab for the winner of every game.

About Us
4 Aces Poker League was founded to fill the demand for poker as a form of entertainment in Central Florida. We provide one or more poker tables (as many as needed) to bars, clubs, restaurants, corporate events, and any other venue where a need for fun and entertainment is desired.

It is 100% free to play, so our players have nothing to lose. We are paid by the venue, and in turn we use those funds to provide great prizes to our players.

We give our players tournament points and attendance points. Points can be redeemed for rewards. An attendance point is given to every player for every game they play, regardless if they win or lose. A tournament point is given to the winner of every table. Players can log in to our web site to check their points balance at any time.

Our primary goal is to make sure everyone feels included and is having a fun time. Poker is a great way to make quality friends and build memories. We hope to see you at our next event.

Featured Prize
Redeem this using your Awesome Points (AWP)
Scroll down to see more available prizes.
Seminole Scuba, a $350.00 value

35000 AWP

No minimum purchase. Get certified, learn to dive. The PADI Open Water course is the industry standard course for entry level diving.

You may qualify to redeem dozens of other great prizes as well. Log in to find out. Earn more points by signing in to events before the start time, winning, and submitting feedback through the web site.

Point Leaders
May 2018
Al (Alstrom) 87
Jim (8665) 68
Fish (Palung) (palung99) 68
Steve (steve) 62
Julian (imstillnewish) 54
Matt (matts82173) 52
Ritchie (ritchie5508) 49
Mike (MrLeft) 48
Bryan (bevenhouse) 35
Ron (ronguyfl) 33
Fish (Palung) (palung99) 117
Al (Alstrom) 112
Steven (Stevenm) 69
Matt (fugi5) 67
Bryan (bevenhouse) 67
Jessica (pinkynb) 45
Julian (imstillnewish) 42
Sam (Samv) 40
Jim (8665) 38
Sean (virgo81) 36

This Year
Fish (Palung) (palung99) 357
Al (Alstrom) 351
Matt (fugi5) 244
Julian (imstillnewish) 221
Matt (matts82173) 208
Bryan (bevenhouse) 196
Steve (steve) 180
Steven (Stevenm) 169
Charles (tomahs) 167
Jim (8665) 149

4 Aces Prize Pool
Earn Awesome Points for being awesome. Pick any prize you want!
Brought to you in part by the Gayborhood App

Many of our venues give out prizes (such as bar tabs and bottles), as denoted by the prizes icon on our calendar. In addition, 4 Aces gives you prizes just for being awesome.

It's awesome when players arrive to events at the start time, help out, give us their feedback, etc. These things will get you awesome points. If you are curious whether you have received any awesome points you can log in and check your "Notes." You will soon be able to pick any prize you want. When you have enough awesome points you can come to any event and let the dealer know you still want the prize. You'll also have to show the dealer you have the Gayborhood app on your phone. Once you've done that, we'll get your prize in the mail to you asap!


America's Escape Game (2 guests free)
7000 Awesome Points
No expiration date. 2 guests, 1 room ($70.00 value). A real live adventure game designed for small groups and is the newest entertainment concept challenging everyone!

Date Night Farris and Foster's
8000 Awesome Points
No purchase necessary, all expenses included. At Farris and Foster's You become the chocolatier and make sweet memories while creating your own chocolate confections. Host your next party here for a unique and fun experience. Farris and Foster's Chocolate Factory is the blending of friendships and talents of two long-term residents from the Orlando/Winter Park area of Florida. Farris and Foster combined their enthusiasm, work ethic, and love of chocolate to form a company where the customer comes first.

Folding Poker Table Top with Legs, 6 player
6250 Awesome Points
4 Aces inventory, good condition, 6 player table, bi-fold, legs, great for home games, easy to fold and store.

Lake Fairview Marina (Free 3 hour pontoon boat rental)
20250 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. Free 3 hour pontoon boat rental, INCLUDES gas and taxes. (Yes, you can upgrade to a full day for a small fee.) Lake Fairview Marina is a full service marina offering secured storage, pontoon boat rentals, sailboat rentals, a ship store and sailing lessons.

Marsh Landing Adventures $50.00 off
3000 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. No expiration date. Orlando Airboat Tours.

World of Chocolate $70.00 off
10500 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. No expiration date. Have you ever imagined a world made by chocolate? Cafe, lounge, museum, retail, events, more...

All Cell Repairs $50 off
5000 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. May not be combined with other certificates/offers. Sales, service, unlocking, jailbreaking, repairs, battery services. iPhones, iPods, iPads, Smartphones, computers, laptops, & game consoles.

Altamonte Acupuncture $125 off
12500 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. Japanese Acupuncture - Facial Rejuvenation with Aromatherapy 60 mins $125.00 All natural, holistic treatment increases circulation, skin tone, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy oils are applied to anti-aging acupressure points using therapeutic grade essential oils, creating nervous system and endocrine system balance.

At Your Service Transportation $50 off
5000 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. A licensed broker of household goods and general freight, specializing in providing fast, convenient, nationwide "White Glove" in home delivery services.

Avalon Vet Clinic $50 off
5000 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. A full-service veterinary medical facility.

Barber Company Salon $50 off
1000 Awesome Points
$100 minimum purchase. Full service hair salon.

Dog Willing Positive Training Solutions $100 off
10000 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. At Dog Willing PTS the focus is on your relationship with your dog, how to improve it, and how to motivate your dog to be WILLING and eager to perform the behaviors you want. The owners have an impressive list of credentials. Visit their web site for more information.

Doggie Hairdo's $50 off
5000 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. Pet Grooming services by professional groomers that can handle all of your pets needs with care.

EuroCar Clinic $75.00 off
2500 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. We specialize in the cost effective service and repair of your European vehicle and other makes.

First Class Automotive $50 off
2500 Awesome Points
$100 minimum purchase. Complete Car Repairs, ASE Certified Mechanics,ASE Certified Service Advisor, Specializing In Acura, Toyota, Honda and all Japanese Cars. We also work on all Domestic cars.We provide the following services- Oil Changes, All fluid exchanges, Brakes, Tires, Alignments, Steering & Suspension components, Cooling system repairs, Air Conditioning repairs, Timing Belts & much more! We can repair any problem on any type of vehicle. We are a NAPA Auto Car Care Center. All work guaranteed 12mo or 12,000 miles which ever comes first.

Mainstream [Handyman] Services $50 off
1000 Awesome Points
Hurricane Damage? Handyman Services: Carpentry, general repairs, Water works, much more. No job is too big or too small.

Majestic Laser Spa $50 off
5000 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. Laser Hair Removal Service in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Seminole Scuba, a $350.00 value
35000 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. Get certified, learn to dive. The PADI Open Water course is the industry standard course for entry level diving.

Surface Smart $100 off
2750 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. Countertop Store. Restore. Seal. Enjoy. Works indoors and outdoors, all kitchen surfaces, bathroom tile and glass, stainless steel, lifetime warranty.

Yoga Shala (3 times a week for 1 month)
40000 Awesome Points
No purchase necessary, all-inclusive. 12 free sessions. The Yoga Shala is dedicated to the study of Ashtanga yoga in College Park with classes, workshops and events. Enjoy a full month of classes 3 times a week.

Bikkuri Sushi Noodle & Grill $10 off
1000 Awesome Points
$20 minimum purchase. No expiration date.

Cala Bella Shingle Creek $75 off
2500 Awesome Points
$150 minimum purchase. Escape to the countryside of Tuscany during your stay in Orlando. Reward your taste buds with crisp salads, rich seafood, tender steaks, fresh pastas and fine wines.

Las Palmas Cuban Restaurant $50 off
1500 Awesome Points
No expiration date. No minimum purchase. 351 N Donnelly St, Mount Dora, Florida. (web site is slightly outdated, this certificate is for the their new location in Mount Dora, not their first restaurant, which is in Sebastian.)

Sea Thai $50 off
2000 Awesome Points
$100 minimum purchase. No expiration date.

Sh-Booms Ice Cream & Sweet Treats $50 off
2000 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. Ice cream, cakes, and baked goods for all occasions. May not be valid for custom orders in certain cases. Visit the web site and/or call for more information.

Florida Pawn and Gun $50 off
5000 Awesome Points
No expiration date. $50 minimum purchase. Please don't bring your gun with you to poker. There is a reason we got rid of the wild west fonts a few years ago. :) Plus, Mike, the owner, is F--ING HOT! :)

French Furntiture Orlando $200 off
20000 Awesome Points
$500 minimum purchase. Collection of French Furniture. Beautiful bedroom sets in Orlando and much more. Browse merchandise by clicking the web site link below.

Lovejoy Vapor $25 off e-liquid
2500 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. Lovejoy Vapor offers our USA made E-Liquid that has ONLY USP grade-Kosher PG & VG. Choose your bottle size, nicotine strength, and PG/VG! Free shipping over $50!

Smoke Pharmacy $25 off
2500 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase. Smoke Pharmacy is a new smoke shop concept in Orlando, Florida. There you can find everything from smoking to vaping.

Visa Gift Card $50.00
12500 Awesome Points
No minimum purchase.

One Tournament Point
750 Awesome Points
One tournament point. Good for the month in which it is redeemed. If you want to use this at an actual tournament, we suggest waiting until right before the tournament to redeem this, to ensure it is applied to the tournament in which you want to use it. If you fail to show for the tournament this is not refundable.

VIP For 14 Days
2000 Awesome Points
VIP for 14 Days. VIP status will last for 2 weeks beginning immediately when this prize is redeemed.

VIP For a Day
150 Awesome Points
VIP for a day. VIP status will last for 24 hours beginning immediately when this prize is redeemed. Be sure to activate this at the right time to maximize your benefit from it.

*Please note that some prize providers prohibit the same player from receiving the same prize twice. For example, if you have previously won a prize from America's Escape Game, you can not win another one from that particular business. This rule generally only applies to prizes for which there is no minimum purchase. Awesome point cost is based on demand for that particular prize, availability, and cost. We reserve the right to make alterations as prize inventory changes. Once you have selected a prize as your goal, however, the rate will be locked in.

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